Adhesive Backed Magnetic Tape

We stock a wide variety of adhesive backed magnetic tape. This is a very popular and versatile product that can be used in many ways. This product is great for creating magnetic notepads, fridge magnets, warehouse labeling, and much, much more. We carry both indoor and outdoor adhesive. The indoor adhesive is rubber based and the outdoor adhesive is acrylic based. Both are equally strong. We have several thicknesses to choose from as well. The thicker the magnet the stronger it is. Our match pole magnetic tape is designed for magnet to magnet use and is sold in sets of 1 side "A" and 1 side "B", each 100' in length.

Magnetic Strips with Outdoor AdhesiveThis Magnetic Tape comes with an outdoor adhesive, making it perfect for outdoor crafts, labeling warehouse racks, garage labeling, and exterior signs. Magnet Tape with Outdoor Adhesive comes in 60mil thickness.

Sizes available: .5" - 4"


Match Pole Magnetic StripsMade for magnet-to-magnet applications, Match Pole Magnet Tape comes with one roll of "A" polarized tape and another of "B" polarized. Both sides are magnetically attracted, making this great for things like cabinet door closures.

Measures 100' long